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HOMESCHOOL Karate Program!

Classes designed to help students fulfill their physical education requirements in a

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Homeschool Kick Off:

Tuesday September 10th @ 10:00 am

Meet Master Lyle Your Karate Instructor

  • Master Lyle is a 7th Degree Black Belt in Traditional Karate
  • Vice President of Professional Karate Schools of America
  • Founder of Tough Girls Fitness Kickboxing Program
  • Author of Amazon Best Seller Taking a Stand Against Bullying!

After surviving an abusive childhood, Master Lyle turned to martial arts at the age of seventeen. It has made all the difference in his life. 

Today, with forty-three years of practicing karate and teaching self-defense, Master Lyle is making a difference in the lives of women and children everywhere. He inspires thousands by sharing his story of being bullied and how he stood up against it. He is on a mission to help women and children stand up for themselves and others by rising above the bullying and violence in society today. Master Lyle has taught thousands of students and spoken to hundreds of elementary schools across the U.S.  

His motto: “Stronger TogetherEmpowering Children, Teens and Adults to Live a Safe, Fit, Confident, Life.”


What Your Child Will Gain

  • Improved attention span
  • Children’s stranger awareness
  • Self-defense, protection from verbal/physical bullying
  • Teens and adults learn traditional martial arts and self-defense skills
  • All classes are fun, challenging, and improve mental and physical fitness
  • Karate can help reduce stress

PKSA Davison Is Life Changing

  • Your child will improve attention span, motor skills, and social skills.
  • All classes provide an environment focused on safety, respect, and fun!
  • For our teens and adults, we blend traditional martial arts with self-defense skills designed to increase confidence and help get an edge on life.
  • Emphasis focuses on skills that help with acuity and retention, promoting better academic performance.
  • The best way to get involved is to give it a try! Our programs are designed for students of all ages.

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What to look for when choosing a martial art school?

The most important factor to consider in a martial arts school is the instructor and the method of instruction. First, they need to teach skill mastery. The skills are not just for the class, however; the instructors need to spend time preparing the students to be successful in their school and life outside the karate studio.  

What will Karate teach my child?

Karate will help your child focus on respecting others, improving concentration and self-control, teamwork, and the true value of friendship. They will also develop communication skills, which can be difficult for children who are naturally shy or have behavioral problems.

We help children improve their confidence and focus on qualities of discipline, focus, humility, appreciation, and motivation. Karate also helps to enhance all other areas of life.


How do you know if a karate school is good?
  1. The atmosphere at the training facility is friendly. The instructors are inviting and the students are having fun. A friendly atmosphere is key in a Karate school. Karate instruction can be intimidating. You want to feel immediate trust and respect from your instructors.
  2. The school teaches respect, control, and humility. It is not just teaching students how to win a confrontation, but how to avoid one if at all possible.
  3. You can feel that you are improving. Your progress is measured and feedback is freely given.
  4. The instructor has the necessary qualifications and experience and is dedicated to their student’s success.

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